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Revolutionizing drug delivery to the brain. Bionaut is a global biotechnology and drug delivery company dedicated to pioneering innovative solutions for brain-targeted therapies. Our cutting-edge precision drug delivery platform enables the accurate, safe, and effective administration of treatments to challenging brain regions for a diverse range of therapeutics. Backed by robust pre-clinical safety data and poised for upcoming 2024 clinical trials, Bionaut is seeking partnerships with forward-thinking pharmaceutical industry pioneers to join our mission. Together, we can unravel the complexities of localized brain conditions and transform neurological care. Join us at the conference and learn more about our mission.


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Renishaw Neuro Solutions enables direct-to-target delivery for a broad range of applications. Using the neuroinfuse™ drug delivery system, predictable and translatable therapy infusions in R&D and clinical trials can become a reality.

Our Lab2Clinic™ service supports pharma through the R&D journey, translating into clinical trials and scaled-up commercialisation. We have a wide geographical reach, and we focus on promoting long-term partnerships.

All this is underpinned by our FDA-cleared, CE-marked stereotactic products borne out of a +45-year precision engineering heritage.


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Founded in 2008, we are a preclinical biotech company and CRO. We work with big pharma, biotech and academia across the world. Through a constant focus on high quality data, scientific excellence, speed and solid teamwork, we have established ourselves as a highly professional and competent partner in the market.

To study brain delivery in pre-clinical models, we have developed a unique pipeline for quantitative whole-brain 3D histology and imaging. By combining light sheet microscopy, AI-powered image analysis and cloud-based data reporting we enable visualisation and quantification of CNS targets, drug distribution and viral uptake across the intact brain.